Through hardship to the stars

It´s been about one and a half years of planning – consideration – market analyses – meetings – then the decision – and now the execution.

Our new pharmaceutical water treatment plant (WfI) from the company Veolia has now found its way into the MediPac GmbH.

The UF (Ultrafiltration according to IONPRO LX-) of our system will be applied to the requirements laid down by the FDA, CAMP5, 21CFR Part 11. etc.

The pharmaceutical water treatment plant is a compact system that is specifically modified for medical-products and the pharma-industry and the needs of the MediPac GmbH. We are talking about a cold sterilization system, which uses minimal energy and therefor fulfills the environmentally friendly measures. Our system is currently undergoing a validation- and qualification-process. We plan to have it in our production-process to the end of May 2020.

This is a new path for us to ensure the well-being and safety of our customers and patients.

Welcome to MEDIPAC GmbH.

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