Principles of Our Quality Policy

We, the MediPac® GmbH, are a company in which customer satisfaction is the top priority of our quality goals. This is our self-perception. It is the real basis for our economic success.

Quality means: The customer returns, not the goods.

Every employee is responsible for the quality in our quality management system. A goal-oriented company management defines this high quality standard and demands it from all employees.

We are always a fair partner to our customers and suppliers and offer our employees a workplace with a secure future. We take the word "social" seriously - both in terms of social services for our employees and in relation to our partners.

The identification of employees with the company is especially important to us. Only those who are motivated, work with full force. It is when the ideas of all the employees are included in ongoing projects and planning, that we continue to be ahead of our competitors.

We are going to tread on creative paths into the future. The path to success calls for making innovation a permanent task. This applies both to the products and to the technical and organizational development of our company.

We take responsibility for our environment. This applies to the use of materials, the use of energy, and the preservation of our natural environment.

All divisions are tasked with contributing to the achievement of the quality policy, the achievement of the quality objectives, and the enforcement of the quality-relevant company principles by creating, developing, and applying the quality documents required for this purpose.

Each employee has a duty and the right to identify circumstances that adversely affect the quality of our products and our values, and to suggest improvements that have a positive impact on the quality of our products.

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