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Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging and Accessories

Blow-Molded Glass

injection bottles

infusion bottles

transfusion bottles

dropping bottles

syrup bottles

packaging bottles

wide-mouth jars

meplat bottles

special bottles

Tubular Glass

injection bottles

thread bottles

snap-cap vials


round / flat bottom glasses



special bottles

Caps / Closures

crimp caps with center tear

crimp caps with full tear

crimp caps with plastic discs

dust caps

Screw plugs

Special caps


injection stoppers

infusion stoppers

multi-hole stoppers

freeze-drying stoppers

laboratory stoppers

plunger stopper

special stoppers


pharmafix washers

butyl washers

teflon washers

latex washers

bottlepack washers

septa for chromatography

coated washers

special washers

Screw Closures / Caps

injection stoppers

infusion stoppers

multi-hole stoppers

freeze-drying stoppers

laboratory stoppers

plunger stopper

special stoppers

Other Products

pipette suction cups



hose connectors

special products


natural rubber




teflon / teflon-coated rubber

special mixtures

Plastic Packaging

Small Packaging

narrow- / wide-mouth bottles and others, with UN approval

plastic boxes

cosmetic jars

cosmetics bottles

PET bottles

special products

Big Packaging

canisters / fassetts

head drums

l-ring barrels


grease bucket

repaltainers (IBC)

UN-approved products


drain valves


dispensing taps

screw caps

bung plug

pliers / closing aids

special accessories

Screw Caps

Parmafix slices

Butyl washers

Coated discs

Teflon washers

Latex washers


Septa for chromatography

Special discs

Septa for chromatography

Special discs








and other

Medical Devices - Sterile Disposable Products

PPS Vacuum Bottles for Reinfusion - for Bloodletting

vacuum bottles for ozone-oxygen therapy and others. with micro-pearl system

vacuum bottles for bloodletting

vacuum bottles for the laboratory and other applications

PPS Sodium Citricum 3.13%

solution to prevent blood clotting in ozone, HOT and UVB autologous blood therapy

for catheter blocking in dialysis

System Articles for Ozone-Oxygen Therapy and for Other Medical Applications

transfusion devices

perfusions devices

Heidelberg extensions


ventilation filter

transfer filter sets

blood collecting equipment

Clinical / Pharmaceutical Special Packaging

Sterile Bottles and Accessories

empty sterile bottles

sterile packaging for glass and tubular glass bottles

stoppers, caps and syringes

packaging in PE bags, tyvekbags or transparent bags

Sterile Packaging

sterile inject pacs

sterile injection trays

packaging in PE bags, tyvekbags, or transparent bags

Consumables for the Analytical Sector

For example:

roll edge bottles white / brown (tinted)

threaded bottles white / brown (tinted)

crimp caps / sealing washers of all kinds

snap-on lid / snap-cap glasses

screw caps / sealing washers of all kinds

shell Vials


Apparatus and Machines

For example:

closing / opening pliers

pneumatic closing / opening devices

table models with and without pedals

flanging machines

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