Invest more time in your work and not more work in your time.

One good measure against burnout: Invest more time in your work and not more work in your time (Friedrich Dürrenmatt)

Taking this quote to heart, we incorporated a new cleaning and disinfecting device in our production process. Its name is the “Getinge 8668 Turbo”. A new top of the line gadget to meet the high wash process standards of our customers.

Our old equipment, which after 20 years of service, was not up to par with todays standards and would have needed repairs.

Our new device however meets the regulations of the Medical-Products Decree and pharmacy. This will for instance improve the process time, throughputs, a 20% higher and more demanding process monitoring and documentation. User interface, washing arm monitoring and maintainability has also been greatly improved. The efficient design reduces water- and energy consumption and thus is better for the environment especially when compared to our old machine.

This investment (which was a six-digit figure) will maximizes productivity so that MediPac GmbH will be ready to deal with future challenges. With this, MediPac will strike out in a new direction for the good and safety of our clients and patients.

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