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Even though we are all getting used to our well-tried and approved machines in production, sometime older machines need to be replaced. In some cases spare parts are not available anymore, in other cases repairs are simply to expensive. In many cases this hurts a little bit because the older machines were constructed in a much more reliable way than many of the new machines.

But when it’s time to say good bye  -  maybe with small tears in the eyes  -  the replacement shall not be a replacement only.  In addition the productivity shall be increased and the process shall get easier for the employees. 

Our old labelling machine for our PPS Vacuum Bottles and other Special Sterile Bottles did a good job for some decades.  But handling the bottles tells us where the word “handling” really comes from:  Doing something with your hands.  Not only that labor is expensive in Germany, human’s working speed is limited, too.  So, why do not kill two birds with one stone?  First, we speed up the process and label more bottles in the same time, and secondly, we reduce the workload for our employees.  That’s what we call increasing productivity.

The new labelling machine has two rotary platforms  -  one that “feeds” the machine with bottles, the other one collects the labeled bottles.  Instead of placing each bottle onto the labelling line with proper distance between the bottles, the bottles can be placed anywhere at the rotary platform now.  Space between the bottles does not matter anymore.  The result is that equipping the machine with bottles is faster and easier now.  On the other end of the labelling machine, bottles are collected on a rotary platform.  In other words:  The machine “spits out” the labeled bottle and the rotary platform moves it away to make space for the next bottle. 

Due to the increasing requirement for Medical Devices in the European Union  -  just have a look at the coming MDR  -  , this is just one further step to offset, at least partially, the permanently rising costs to fulfill the for Medical Devices Regulation’s requirements.  Next steps will follow and we keep you updated.

Many small and medium sized Medical Devise companies will not accept the increased workload induced by the MDR and leave the Medical Device market due to the high costs.  MediPac faces this challenge and stays available for you as your reliable supplier.

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