Our Mission Statement

As an international manufacturer and wholesaler of high quality clinical / pharmaceutical primary packaging, medical products including accessories and plastic packaging, we define our actions, attitudes and philosophies.

Our responsibility to our customers, but also to our suppliers - all people who use our products and our services - is our priority.

  • The fulfilment of these priorities demands a high level of quality from us.We are constantly striving for a excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Cooperation is a top priority for us.
  • We also take responsibility for our employees.
  • Each of them is to be recognized as an individual.
  • Their dignity must be respected and their merits recognized.
  • You must be able to rely on the safety of your workplace.
  • Our employees are the most important link in our partnership; to challenge and promote them is our concern.
  • We feel committed to the community in which we live and work.
  • We want to be good citizens, respect the common good and pay our fair share of taxes.
  • We must work for the improvement of general living conditions, health care and education.
  • We keep the company property in good condition to perform our mission while we also protect the environment.We are also responsible to our partners.
  • We always want to stay open to new ideas.
  • The Quality Management System has to be pushed forward and progressive modern products have to be designed.
  • New products are to be developed for the benefit of our customers.
  • Reserves have to be build up in good times for worse times.


Safety through quality in the service of our customers.

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