Since 1948, MediPac® GmbH has stood above all for quality in the service of the customer and the patients.
The regular control of the products and the adherence to operational procedure is the company philosophy - for the benefit of your customers and patients.

The production and trading program has been greatly expanded in recent years and adapted to the needs of the market.
The following product areas are covered by MediPac® GmbH:

  • pharmaceutical primary packaging (e.g. metallurgical, tubular glass),locking systems made of rubber, aluminum and plastic, incl. accessories,
  • plastic packaging, including accessories (barrels, canisters etc.),
  • apparatus and machinery (e.g. opening and closing machines),
  • consumables for the analytical field,
  • medical devices and medical supplies (including ozone-oxygen therapy), and
  • special products for the pharmaceutical and clinical sector



In the field of medical devices, MediPac® GmbH has established itself as a global player in recent decades, for example, as a system supplier in the ozone-oxygen therapy market.


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